Real Housewives of New York: Jill Zarin… The U of South Florida Ripoff… USF Paid Jillz $15,000… And No One Showed Up!!!

OCTOBER 30, 2010  11:17 AM

 Jill Zarin… “Baw-beeeee… I wanted $85,000!!!”

How in the world did Jill Zarin get hooked up with the U of South Florida? They paid her $15,000 plus expenses and airfare to give a 90-minute talk at the school. HUH??? What knowledge did Jill Zarin impart to these young, impressionable students?

What is Jill Zarin going to talk about? How to nag at husbands? (Bawby, Bawby, I love that bracelet. Buy it for me, Bawby.) What to wear at an ice rink? (Girls, make sure you pad your butt, ’cause you’ll fall down a lot.) How to win friends and influence people? (Just watch the RHONY to see how I do it… I’m selling DVDs for $25 cash only… meet me at the trunk of my rental car.)

Someone at the U of South FL must be on crack when they decided on Jill Zarin. The U of South Florida expected 400 students to attend JZ’s lecture and only 100 showed up... and they still gave her $15,000!

How does one get on that list of “artists” willing to speak to the fragile minds at the U of South FL? If anyone knows, please send me an email!

The details, compliments of The Smoking Gun… here.