Kroy Biermann, Kim Zolciak’s fiance (rumored) and babydadddy (rumored), is having a hard time with his fellow Atlanta Falcons…
Kroy is getting razzed by his Atlanta Falcon’s teammates in the locker room. Taunting him, telling him that KimZ is a gold-digging cougar, cracking his butt with their wet towels, making the 6’3″ 26-yr-old almost snivel… in other words, our KroyBoy is being bullied! This needs to be stopped immediately. If anyone knows how to contact Jill Zarin, please send her a link… we must help our KroyBoy!


After reading about Kroy, he’s a confident, big boy and can handle whatever his teammates dish out. I like Kroy.

One comment on “*****ALERT JILL ZARIN!!!

  1. Wait for the dna, Kroy, before you marry her. She’s already bossing you around like Sweetie. And yes, I read Pheadra’s blog on how those two treat each other. I wonder how Kroy felt, talking to his Boo, with her yelling at Sweetie to get the door in the hotel room. Do any of Kim’s baby daddies pay chid support? I can’t imagine her letting it slide.


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