Dear Wendy,

I am trying to put pieces of the puzzle together regarding you and Teresa Giudice.

Why I am puzzled about you and Tree? On your Thursday, October 28 show, you stated that Tree is just a regular housewife. You also stated (again) that Tree knew and knows nothing about her husband’s (Joe) financial goings-on, especially real estate. How much longer will you lead your audience on to believe your statements about Tree? Even though your show has a small budget, I’m sure that your staff can find articles, documents, etc. that will backup your on-air statements. I realize that not every word that you speak needs to have backup proof, but if I can find public documents that show Tree actually did have knowledge of real estate transactions, certainly your staff can as well. Wendy, your Thursday show was not the first time you’ve talked about Tree as an innocent wife who just went along with anything her husband said with no questions asked. That is as far from the truth as you can imagine. Tree’s signature is on every document, along with Joe’s. Does she seem the type of person that would not ask questions as to what she’s signing?

This link is from public NJ real estate records. I am including this just to show how easy it is to find public records. I have done further research showing Tree’s signature on numerous real estate documents. Would you kindly consider looking into Tree’s participation in her and her husband’s real estate dealings? When you discover that Tree is not an innocent bystander, would pas on your findings to your viewing audience?


I have nothing against Ms. Giudice; however, when you speak of her as a bystander in her own life situations, I feel that you must know that not only is she not a bystander, but she is a full contributor and is far from the innocent housewife that you portray her to be.

Tree tries to convince everyone that she is a stoo-pid housewife, but she does not belong in that category.