As we all know by now, Vicki was hospitalized for bleeding colon ulcers and has since been released from the hospital. Yikes Vicki… that must have hurt! Having a problem with your colon causes pain and ulcers cause pain… but BLEEDING ulcers in your COLON!? Now there’s some major pain that you don’t want, but Vicki had it, the doctors fixed it and now she’s home. Excuse me? Oh, she’s not home? But she just had surgery for bleeding ulcers located in her colon. Why wouldn’t she be in bed at home? Seriously??? She’s off to Palm Springs for a business-related expo and while she’s in Palm Springs, she’s going to catch up with Michael Costello from Project Runway?  Maybe Vicki is still under the spell of that good stuff they pump you with when you’re in the hospital for serious surgery, like COLON surgery… INTERNAL BLEEDING of the COLON, caused by BLEEDING ULCERS…  hope Vicki had a great time in Palm Springs.


Kim is definitely prego… the question is HOW? Kroy claims that he wore protection EVERY time! Did Kim use a little trickery?


Kroy Biermann, Kim Zolciak’s fiance (rumored) and babydadddy (rumored), is having a hard time with his fellow Atlanta Falcons…
Kroy is getting razzed by his Atlanta Falcon’s teammates in the locker room. Taunting him, telling him that KimZ is a gold-digging cougar, cracking his butt with their wet towels, making the 6’3″ 26-yr-old almost snivel… in other words, our KroyBoy is being bullied! This needs to be stopped immediately. If anyone knows how to contact Jill Zarin, please send her a link… we must help our KroyBoy!

After reading about Kroy, he’s a confident, big boy and can handle whatever his teammates dish out. I like Kroy.

Real Housewives of New York: Jill Zarin… The U of South Florida Ripoff… USF Paid Jillz $15,000… And No One Showed Up!!!

OCTOBER 30, 2010  11:17 AM

 Jill Zarin… “Baw-beeeee… I wanted $85,000!!!”

How in the world did Jill Zarin get hooked up with the U of South Florida? They paid her $15,000 plus expenses and airfare to give a 90-minute talk at the school. HUH??? What knowledge did Jill Zarin impart to these young, impressionable students?

What is Jill Zarin going to talk about? How to nag at husbands? (Bawby, Bawby, I love that bracelet. Buy it for me, Bawby.) What to wear at an ice rink? (Girls, make sure you pad your butt, ’cause you’ll fall down a lot.) How to win friends and influence people? (Just watch the RHONY to see how I do it… I’m selling DVDs for $25 cash only… meet me at the trunk of my rental car.)

Someone at the U of South FL must be on crack when they decided on Jill Zarin. The U of South Florida expected 400 students to attend JZ’s lecture and only 100 showed up... and they still gave her $15,000!

How does one get on that list of “artists” willing to speak to the fragile minds at the U of South FL? If anyone knows, please send me an email!

The details, compliments of The Smoking Gun… here.

Real Housewives of New Jersey: Danielle Staub Refuses to Turn Over Keys To House

Beverly Merrill/Angela Minelli/ Danielle Staub… does she want to sell her house or not?!?!

Wasn’t Danielle trying to sell her Franklin Lakes house? Well, she’s had a court order since September, 2010 to sell the house, with proceeds divided between her ex, Tom Staub, and Danielle.

Of course, anything connected with Danielle has twists and turns… nothing ever is smooth, even if a court order is attached. Danielle, why won’t you give the keys to the realtor so your house can be prepared for sale?



Dear Wendy,

I am trying to put pieces of the puzzle together regarding you and Teresa Giudice.

Why I am puzzled about you and Tree? On your Thursday, October 28 show, you stated that Tree is just a regular housewife. You also stated (again) that Tree knew and knows nothing about her husband’s (Joe) financial goings-on, especially real estate. How much longer will you lead your audience on to believe your statements about Tree? Even though your show has a small budget, I’m sure that your staff can find articles, documents, etc. that will backup your on-air statements. I realize that not every word that you speak needs to have backup proof, but if I can find public documents that show Tree actually did have knowledge of real estate transactions, certainly your staff can as well. Wendy, your Thursday show was not the first time you’ve talked about Tree as an innocent wife who just went along with anything her husband said with no questions asked. That is as far from the truth as you can imagine. Tree’s signature is on every document, along with Joe’s. Does she seem the type of person that would not ask questions as to what she’s signing?

This link is from public NJ real estate records. I am including this just to show how easy it is to find public records. I have done further research showing Tree’s signature on numerous real estate documents. Would you kindly consider looking into Tree’s participation in her and her husband’s real estate dealings? When you discover that Tree is not an innocent bystander, would pas on your findings to your viewing audience?

I have nothing against Ms. Giudice; however, when you speak of her as a bystander in her own life situations, I feel that you must know that not only is she not a bystander, but she is a full contributor and is far from the innocent housewife that you portray her to be.

Tree tries to convince everyone that she is a stoo-pid housewife, but she does not belong in that category.




You know when you look at someone and, if a woman, you could see that she would look great as a man, and if a man would look great as a woman? Well, KellyKilloranBensimon is one of those women. Take a look at her site…scroll down until you see her photo with her makeup artist, who happens to be male. The makeup artist would look great as a woman and KKB could easily morph into a man. Is this something that only I do?


No diagnosis for Vicki, so doctor’s don’t know what’s going on with her. They’ve told her to slow down. MY unofficial diagnosis from thousands of miles away is this: Vicki has a bleeding ulcer brought on by the stress of filming ‘housewives’, her personal situation (pending divorce) and her internal compulsion to work an 80-hour week. She’s out of the hospital…I hope her visit will be a little donk on da head telling her to relax… just a little bit…just give it a try, Vicki…

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Ever wonder what Kim looks like without her wig? I think she could go without the wigs if she wanted, but by now they’ve probably become her security blanket:

SUPPOSEDLY…Kim is pregnant by Kroy and when she told Kroy of the news, he didn’t take it well. Kim then called Tracy and asked her if she would help her raise the little Kroy (Croy if it’s a girl) and Tracy agreed. Not so fast… Kroy has some time to think it over and man up, so he’s back in the picture. With Kroy back, Kim had to gently let go of her attachment to Ms. Young. I don’t know about this one… Kroy is 26 and Kim is (cough,cough) 31. Six years doesn’t seem that much of an age difference, but Kim is so much more mature that her 31 years and Kroy hasn’t had much life experience, so maybe her first idea of raising the little Kroy with Tracy doesn’t seem like such a bad idea.


Nene Leakes is making more enemies than friends on the upcoming Celebrity Apprentice. Nene has been showing her stoopid self by acting like the queen diva, even out-diva-ing Star Jones. Nene isn’t being friendly with LaToya Jackson either.

Note to Nene: Girl, first of all, if it weren’t for a little reality show on Bravo, you wouldn’t even have the opportunity to be on The Apprentice with actual celebrities. So, if I were you, Nene, I would be trying to get everyone to like me, ’cause you never know what can happen with your career. These are people who may be able to help you someday. You don’t want to be back on that stripper pole, do you???

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Real Housewives of New Jersey… Real Housewives of Orange County… the Stoopids are Fighting

The Joo-dice drama has started.

Tree and Juicy were late getting to Melissa and Joe’s little boy’s christening and caused a major eruption:

RHOC were filming their wrap party and Jeana and Tamra went at it:

Even BigBrother contestents are brawling after watching stoopid housewives, RHOA:

The Stoopid Housewives

The Housewives on Bravo are not the brightest bulbs in the socket.  A few of them are downright despicable.  These particular Housewives try to show that they are rich, fashionable, intelligent and have perfect marriages.  We know these Housewives to be stoopid.  They are:  Teresa, Jill, Camille, Lynne, Dina, KimG (she’s part-time, but I’m including her anyway) and Nene.  I’ll start with this bunch.

Teresa is quite the little con artist.  She and her husband are holding on to their marriage by a thread and she is well aware of every financial transaction that led to their bankruptcy.  Teresa’s signature is on every loan they took out.  Teresa appears on talk shows spouting off about how she didn’t know anything and it’s all Joe’s fault.  Teresa, you are stoopid.

Jill is the consummate backstabber.  Jill has to be the center of attention.  Jill just couldn’t take it when Bethenny was shown to be intelligent, logical and a true friend, unlike Jill.  Jill’s jealousy of Bethenny radiated through the TV screen.  The camera not only adds 10 pounds, but it intensified Jill’s negative feelings toward Bethenny.  When Bethenny took center stage and got some attention, Jill instructed the other ho-wives not to film with Bethenny.  Talk about hi-jacking a show!  Jill can’t see that her book is a bomb.  Let the book die its natural death, Jill.  Please.

Camille… maybe it’s too soon to say that Cami is a stoopid ho-wife, but there’s little to like about her.  Cami got really lucky and latched on to Kelsey.  Cami tries to impress by saying that without her, Kelsey wouldn’t have survived.  She may be right.  We don’t know what actually went on in their home in the early days.  Kelsey was a wild cokehead and a drunk.  Cami may have helped him, but I’m thinking that it could have been the girl that Kelsey dumped for Cami that put him on the clean and sober track.  In other words, Kelsey was going to be OK no matter who he was married to.  Cami made a great deal; she married Kelsey with no prenup, owns multiple homes, has numerous staff.  It’s hard to feel anything for her…  Cami, people don’t like to hear how hard it is for you to take commercial flights instead of private jets.  She’s staying in the stoopid category until she proves herself otherwise.

Lynne… what can I say?  You’ve all seen it.  She’s has to be doing some type of substance because she wakes up stoopid.  She treated her girls like her friends and we all know how that turned out!  If you don’t you can check out The Dirty to see photos of her nekked girls grinding in a club.  Lynne and her husband live like homeless grifters, moving into rental properties knowing they don’t have the rent money and get evicted over and over again.  Lynne is a permanent member in the stoopid category even though she is no longer on RHOC.

Dina.  Ugh.  Dina thought the NJ show was going to be about her and her friends.  Nice and bland, just like Dina.  And then Bravo got smart and hired Danielle and Danielle stirred up Dina’s fairy-tale existence.  Not that I like Danielle, but without Danielle, the RHONJ would have been worse than the DC ho-wives.  Back to Dina.  Dina is stoopid and pitiful… so that would make her stoop-iful.  Dina wants and needs people to think of her as a beautiful, charitible person.  Dina’s beauty becomes ugly whenever she’s held accountable for her actions.  PLB has come under scrutiny.  Instead of answering questions posed to her about PLB, she became defensive.  If Dina wants people to donate to PLB, she will have to answer their questions.  For this reason alone, Dina is stoopid.  Despite her many declarations of love from and to her husband, the curiosity about Tommy Manzo has not died down.  Dina is rarely seen with Tommy.  There is something not quite right about the two of them and maybe the rumors about Tommy are true.  Is that why Dina always seems so sad?

KimG.  Kim wiggled her way into the RHONJ.  She’s a grown woman with grown children. KimG was part-time and we don’t know if she will be back for the next season.  Kim, why are you even doing RHONJ?  Take off with Tom and don’t embarrass your kids any further.  Kim, you are stoopid.

Nene…Nene Leakes.  She’s crass, loud, demolishes the English language and uses Greg.  Nene seems to be happier with her new self (nose, lipo, tummy).  I am all for people bettering themselves in whatever way they want, which Nene did.  She still needs to work on herself.  Nene… you need to take etiquette classes.  Nene is still stoopid.