The Big Stink… Over A Glimpse Of Alana’s Side Boob! Yoda’s Other “Model” Daughter Looks Tortured! @yolandahfoster @officialdfoster #RHOBH

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Yoda’s model daughter showin’ her **GASP** side boob!   A stink over a side boob???  After THESE naked poses??   Yoda’s other “model” daughter looks positively torturously miserable in her latest “modeling” pose:   Yoda has slid back comfortably into … Continue reading

DrunkOtis Gives Her Opinions… Who Cares?

‘Kyle Richards… needs a haircut, needs some layers, and needs an attitude adjustment.”  DrunkOtis says that KimRichards is her big little sister… whatever that means.

“Who is that?” When PumpMyStomach was brought up.

We’re givin’ squeeky-voiced DrunkOtis and her thoughts 998736645353 Kens:


Ramoaner’s New Restaurant In Tribeca…

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It’s no longer a rumor… Ramoaner is now officially a part owner of a restaurant. Ramona Singer is a partner with Peter Guimaraes in AOA Bar & Grill at 35 Sixth Ave. in Tribeca, Side Dish can reveal. Singer, now single … Continue reading

SkankyJo v DrunkOtis Continues…

The battle between SkankyJo and DrunkOtis continues… SkankyJo says that DrunkOtis wants to be just like her:

DrunkOtis explains that the questions on WWHL were pre-written for her.  If you’re not aware of this long-known fact, ALL the questions on cards and caller’s questions are pre-planned and approved by MissAndy.

brandi tweet drunk otis skanky jo drunk otis tweet to skanky jo krupa brandi

DrunkOtis has tired of her Stella bags and ironically, SkankyJo is now carrying them around!

skankyjo stella

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On This Day Three Years Ago: MissAndy Throws On Lederhosen For BFF KellyRipa

andy kelly                         

On today’s (December 22, 2011) “Regis and Kelly”…

Lord of the Housewives and close, personal friend of the Consuelos’… Miss Andy Cohen … was Kelly’s co-host.

Part of Miss Andy’s co-hosting duties included dressing up as a German winemaker and overseeing Kelly and another chick stomping grapes.  The grape stomping was boring…

Kelly won.


Last year in Chicago’s Union Station, the magical piano was to mimic the mood of passers-by, to take what they did and respond to it with music.   The piano was remotely controlled, with a pianist able to see the passers-by based on cameras and recorders placed around the area.


RHOBH Preview: Two Lisa’s… What To Do With Moms And Swans

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In this exciting glimpse of FlippyDrippySlippyLippyLisa’s life at home, we find her discussing how she still has the body of a teen when she lays down the rules with her daughter’s about taking her clothes and how her mother in … Continue reading


RHOBH Preview II: Lunchtime With Yoda, Rinna And Leeny… Yoda’s Emergency Ride From Restaurant!!

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RapaciousRidiculousBulbousBalloonLipsLisa has brought together two Malibu Housewives, for whom LargeLipsLisa has sacrificed her time by driving from her home in Beverly Hills to Malibu.  Which brings the obvious question:  Why didn’t DuckyLipsLisa pick up DrunkOtis and maybe even HagfaceKyle for … Continue reading

SH “HIT AND RUN”: CATCHING UP… With Vicki and Tamballs

Vicki has an CHRISTMAS “Appreciation” party…


Vicki got the message and called her party what it is… An office CHRISTMAS party!

vicki christmas

Vicki had herself a better Christmas party at the FourSeasons…

vicki christmas

It’s almost as if Vicki knows that the end is near for any cache that was associated with being a Housewife!  Vicki and the rest of the Housewives are pushing as much as they can as fast as they can! 


Seriously, Tamballs… ONSIES??

tamballs pjs

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SH “HIT AND RUN”: CATCHING UP… With MeGo And KomaKathy!



gorga tweet gorga christmas gorga


MelissaGorga explains her house situation.  The FranklinLakes house is still being built, but as an “investment”…

gorga house tweet

KomaKathy is desperate for anyone to buy her cookbook… she’s now stopping in beauty salons to sell her pre-signed dessert books!

komak beauty salons

 NOTE:  Looks like people are BEGGING KomaK to come to their cities… BEGGING!!  (Those PR “requests” always look good on a Housewife’s twitter, FB or instagram account… makes them appear relevant!)

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Talks Between Bravo And TLC Ongoing… Which Housewives Will Guest Star And Which Will Become Permanent Cast Members?

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“EXCLUSIVE”… In a shocking move, it’s been circulating that Bravo is in highly sensitive talks with TLC, the channel that produces “reality” shows such as:  “90 Day Fiance” “Extreme Cougars” “19 Kids and Counting” “The Little Couple” “Sex Sent Me … Continue reading


Vicki And Crooks’ Coto de Caza House NOT For Sale… AGAIN!

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  This VERY important Housewives item regards Vicki pulling her Coto house off the market… again! So, why is this item important?  We’re thinking that, although it is Vicki’s house, she now has input from her permanent houseguest, Crooks.   … Continue reading

Yoda’s “Can’tBeBothered” BravoBlog… Jello’s DrunkDriving Arrest A “Grave Mistake”!


Hello Bravo lovers,

I hope you are having a great week. I am sure busy and overloaded with the holidays.  I would like to keep this week’s blog short, as I feel I discussed all in detail last week.   “Detail” = Yoda  glossing over the facts of her daughter’s drunk driving arrest. 

This grave mistake that Bella made has been a big challenge for our family to overcome together. When it occurred months ago, we went through the emotions of being terrified, horrified, disappointed, and sad. Life doesn’t always go according to plan, and we don’t always act in a way that represents who we are. What matters is that these moments become teaching moments. Bella learned a very serious lesson and has to live with her actions, but it’s important to me as her mommy that she learns about forgiveness as well. Forgiveness for one’s self is the only way we can keep going through life and give ourselves the best chance at being the best people we can be.  I’m with her now in New York City, and I am so proud to see her working hard, being kind to those around her, and getting back to enjoying life.  NOTE:  Jello must have already completed her community service if she’s back with mommy in NYC while mommy oversees Alana’s nudie modeling jobs!!  Jello is still getting over the “pain” of being forced to dip into her savings to pay her atty… whom she can’t call because her new phone was taken away as punishment!!  Can’t wait until next week when Yoda whines about being not invited to PumpMyStomach’s “star” placement!

Much love and until next week,


alana gigi hadid yolanda yoda

Watch As PumpMyStomach Fondles Her Swan!!

Lisa BLEEEEEECH! PumpMyStomach goes full-on wacko as she fondles her pet swan… after doing her usual “oh stop it!!  But, don’t stop adoring me and my pet-rat-which-is-mistaken-by-many-as-a dog”!

How The Feds REALLY Raid Homes…

THIS is how the Feds really do a raid.  One of the biggest holes in the recent fairy tale was the addition of two “parole officer” characters who accompanied the “raiding” Feds.  There is no one on parole living in the Joodice marble mausoleum, nor is there a parole system for Federal prisoners!!  The Feds don’t take “interns” along with them when they are performing their duty.  

The Feds also record their “visits”… so, there will be video available in the future of the **cough, cough** Joodice “raid.”

FF to around the 4:18 mark…


RHONY New Season BORING! All Housewives On Good Behavior To Protect Their “Brands”!

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NOTE:  The ONLY reason the RHONY was not canceled was BFrankel agreeing to come back on the show.  The RHONY is now officially dead… because of MissAndy’s friend, BFrankel. Sources tell Confidenti@l that the filming of “The Real Housewives of … Continue reading


INSTAGRAM PURGING FAKE FOLLOWERS… Will Twitter Do Same? Housewives And MissAndy Affected!

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Celebs with impressive numbers of followers on Instagram may not be as popular as they think. The social media site recently told all users, “Your number of followers has changed. We just completed a fix to remove spammy accounts.” That’s … Continue reading

Another Christmas Memory From The New Jersey Crew!!

AAAHHHH…. the good old days!!!  Christmas at the Joodices was brought up at the RHONJ reunion show.  Melissa says that Juicy called her “raccoon eyes” and Tree says Juicy wasn’t talking about Melissa (which he WAS), but he was talking about KomaKathy!!

Teresa JuicyJoe Raid Update: Attorneys Say Not True … More From US Atty Office

liar lying pinnochio

Multiple reports this week claimed that government officials descended upon Montville, N.J., to raid Joe and Teresa Giudice’s multimillion-dollar mansion — but both the U.S. Attorney’s office and Joe’s lawyer deny that any such drama went down.

“We weren’t involved in anything over there,” Matt Reilly, a spokesperson from the U.S. Attorney’s office, says of rumors that the government seized jewelry, electronics, and other valuables in an hours-long search of the Bravo stars’ property on Monday, Dec. 15.

Asked whether another arm of the government might be involved, Reilly says NO.

“We would be enforcing any forfeiture action, so if anything like that needed to be done, we would arrange for it to happen,” he explains.

“But that hasn’t happened.”

In fact, as far as Reilly knows, the Giudices are still making their required payments for restitution. “We have an asset forfeiture unit here,” he tells Us.

“I haven’t talked to them, but typically they would work out [debt repayment] with the defendants. I haven’t heard that there’s any problem with that.”

A spokeswoman for the Morris County Sheriff’s Office adds that no one there was involved or has any knowledge of the supposed raid, either. And a rep for Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa says,

“There is no truth to this story. It is 100 percent fabricated.”

Joe’s attorney, Miles Feinstein, also denies that there was any sort of raid at his client’s home. “I checked with Joe and he said there was no FBI raid,” Feinstein tells Us exclusively. “I also checked with the government and they said it didn’t happen.”

He adds: “I’ve been a criminal lawyer for a long time, and I’ve never heard of the government coming into a home with four children right before Christmas and seizing their gifts. If it did happen, I would think it was an absolutely cruel and merciless act by the U.S. government. It’s just not true.”