Tree’s BS BravoBlog… Too Busy Prepping For “Biggest Day Of Our Lives”

RHONJ teresa juicy clothing pg

Wow. I really have so much to say. I will share, but I’m getting ready for the biggest day of our lives. I will be sharing when I can.

But now is the time when I need to focus on the next ten days and not comment on the episodes.

I love the show. I love my fans. I will be telling you all along with my Bravo family very soon.

Tanti Baci,

Tree should just be honest and say that her REAL ghostwriter didn’t feel like writing this week!


The Miseducation Of KomaKathy And BubbaJax… RHONJ Ratings Celebration Premature!

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KomaKathy and BubbaJax are givin’ each other high fives for a slight jump in ratings for Sunday’s RHONJ. Viewers tuned into the RHONJ this Sunday for one reason and one reason only: CURIOSITY   Viewers wanted to see for themselves … Continue reading


JuicyJoe Asking A Measly $30,000 For RHONJ Reunion Show Appearance

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Joe Giudice is demanding Bravo pay him $30,000 to appear on the Real Housewives Of New Jersey reunion shows, is exclusively reporting. Joe and his wife Teresa are expected to be sentenced in connection with their bankruptcy and fraud … Continue reading


KomaKathy’s Brief Chat… Formerly Known As Koma’s “BravoBlog”

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Since KomaKathy’s demotion, she no longer is asked to submit a BravoBlog.  Instead, KomaK is asked a few pertinent questions… What’s the latest with Rich and the kids? Kathy Wakile: Rich has his hands full these days between … Continue reading

BubbaJax’ BS Tweet… Honest!!

jax tweet

BubbaJax has to push that black liquid… Even going so far as to state HONESTLY that her kid drinks nothing but!!  This is quite the amazing statement as there are NO photos among the gazillion on BubbaJax’ Instagram or Facebook with her kid even close to a bottle of the black stuff!!


MeGo’s Preposterous-You-Gotta-Be-Kidding BravoBlog: Says Da Gorgas Haven’t Let This Whole “RealityTV” Thing Take Over Their Lives!

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Hi Dolls!  MeGo reverting back to “Hi Lovers” is not far off! Such a great time on WWHL with Andy last night. Joe and I always have a blast and love being there. The Bravo family is such a great … Continue reading


SaintZenDina Mysteriously Disappears From BubbaJax BravoBlog! Who Scrubbed It??

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    Any mention of SaintZenDina from BubbaJax’ chat on has mysteriously disappeared! This is how BubbaJ’s chat NOW appears…   THIS is what BubbaJ said before her words about SaintZenDina vanished!  BubbaJax says there’s no relationship with SaintZenDina … Continue reading

MelissaGorga…Did She Or Didn’t She??

 The ever-changing look of Melissa Gorga…

 melissa gorga

MeGo’s come so far since her 2011 half-assed days!!



JuicyJoe’s Drivers License Case Scheduled For October 15…

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JuicyJoe’s ongoing drivers license case has been scheduled for a hearing on October 15. Juicy had been charged with using his brother Pete’s marriage and birth certificates to procure his drivers license while Juicy’s was suspended in 2011. The October 15 … Continue reading

Let’s Compare And Contrast: RHONJ At Grocery Store vs Milania At Corrados

Which is worse?  The RHONJ adult subhumans grocery shopping in Florida in early 2014 or Milania ripping it up at Corrados back in 2011??


SaintlyDina’s Passive/Aggressive BravoBlog… “BUY MY STUFF”!!!

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NOTE:  The Housewives apparently are not required to submit a WEEKLY BravoBlog, as several have skipped their weekly diatribe.  Only the Housewives who are pushin’ their stuff make sure that their BravoBlogs are supplied to be read by the unwashed … Continue reading

RHONJ Preview: More Of The Same BOOOOORING Story Lines

SaintZenDina shows again why she’s no SaintZenDina…BigGayRosie returns… another scene with OrientalBubbaJax…and viewers are supposed to care about the ridiculous HouseHusbands feud:


BubbaJax Not Talkin’ To ZenDina Or TreeJoodice… And Not Moving!

This gallery contains 1 photo. What’s your current relationship with Dina like? JL: Currently there is no relationship between us, but only because she chooses not to have one. It’s frustrating because I feel like it’s all petty, nonsense stuff, that all just seems … Continue reading

RHONJ Deleted Scene… Tree Gives Milania An Eye Test

Just last minute Mommy duty before “going away”… an eye test!  Tree isn’t lookin’ too pleased.

Gorgas On WWHL…

Gorgas on WWHL… giving reasons as to why the RinoRumor isn’t true.

We’re givin’ the RinoRumor 33886643,0083747346 Kens…

SH WITTY WEEKEND!! Caption This!! Vicki’s Lost Perfume Deal…


“Ana Cephaly” will receive one free coupon for one free visit to CUTFitness for one free five-minute walk-in-place exercise session!  FinePrint:  While exercising, you will be required to listen to a sales pitch by Tamballs to purchase a $453,988.32 lifetime membership to CUTFitness. Purchase of said membership entitles you to a spritz of Vicki’s super-secret-never-to-be-released-bouquet-garni-and-truck-exhaust-fragranced perfume!!