Carole And Kristen Get Dumped… On!!

These two have to do SOMETHING to stay relevant!  Watch as Carole screams seconds before a drop of water connects with her head…

NOTE: Dumping water on someone’s head to get $10?  How about just writing a check?  

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Tamballs Deletes Facebook Page Again… Ellie Calls RHOC Viewers “Ignorant”!

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Tamballs has AGAIN shut down her Facebook page.  The last time Tamballs whacked her words on FB was back on August 1… when she was still a “fictional character”!   Tamballs may have exited from FB, but she and Ellie … Continue reading

PumpMyStomach’s Phony PR Sunbathing…

Question:  Who, except for Housewives who need publicity, wears full makeup and earrings to sunbathe?  Answer:  A Housewife who needs more rabid “fans” and who needs to pump up interest for the upcoming season of the failing RHOBH…


(Thanks “Kelly”!!)

WHATEVER WEDNESDAY: Whatever Happened To Kim Richards Clothes?

Kim is still pushing her clothing items, minus the “slut pig” pants, at


Yoda Makes DUI Daughter A “Model”

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Yoda is obviously calling in all favors from her days as a model to get her other daughter, the one who was arrested for DUI, a contract as a model. If this kid wasn’t Yoda’s daughter, modeling agencies would have … Continue reading

RHOC Reunion Preview

The first laughable moment is Dull-BRO stating that she “cares” about Lizzie… it gets funnier from there… and once again, Tamballs takes over with her role of top screecher:


RHOC Pre-Reunion: Who Would Play YOU In A Movie?

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Taking an interesting pre-reunion psych question from the RHONY, MissAndy asks the OC Housewives who they would cast in the lead role if a movie was to be made of their life.   The answers given by the Housewives to … Continue reading

RHOC Reunion Part II Preview: Vicki Calls Tamballs A Liarface!

Part two of the OC reunion:  Shocking accusation… BigBoobsVicki calls Tamballs a liarface!


Lizzie’s BigBoobedBravoBlog: Gives Tamballs’ Words A Second Life

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We have finally made it to the Reunion and I am happy to say I survived my first season of Housewives. . .Well almost. Next week is Part 2 of the Reunion and I have to admit I pretty much … Continue reading

RHOC Reunion: It’s All About The HotHouseHusband…

Tamballs gets a little tooooo excited about David’s “hotness”… has MissEllie’s “hotness” cooled?  Vicki’s heaving breasts are huge!


RHOC Reunion: MORE Tamballs/Crooksy Talk With Vicki

Just the thought of being with Crooksy… SHIVERS!  Good God, Vicki’s heaving boobs are huge…


RHOC Reunion: DavidBeador’s Email… And The Aftermath

DavidBeador gets suggestions from the highly-eduated Dull-BRO on what to do the next time he’s thinking about sending Shanny an email… Shanny blasts Tamballs for stoking the fire… Tamballs counteracts by bringing up Shanny’s love for liquor… and Vicki’s heaving boobs are huge:


Tree’s SickeninglySweet BravoBlog: Insults KevinBacon…Don’t Forget To BUY MY STUFF!

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Hello Sweethearts! We’re still at the Jersey Shore trying to enjoy the last few days of summer before the girls go back to school. How many of you have started already? Summer’s too fast! I don’t want to send my … Continue reading


Amber’s BravoBlog: “Crossing Jim for the entire world to see is like opening the gates of hell.”

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NOTE:  Wouldn’t normally include any NJ Housewife’s BravoBlog here other than that of TreeJoodice’s or MeGo’s… however, Amber’s BravoBlog this week hits on a few issues.  Especially in re to her HouseHusband!   I need to respond to Nicole comments … Continue reading


MeGo’s SuperShort Totally BS BravoBlog: Forgets Aunt From 2011

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Hi everyone! Ahh! I’m holding onto summer like I hold my red wine glass when I watch the episodes of #RHONJ!  MeGo’s roots are in beer drinking… Let me start by thanking Bravo for showing those beautiful pictures of my … Continue reading


RHONJ Preview: Debutantes At DullDina’s Dump … Where Do The Housewives Go AFTER “Reality”?

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In this next scene from the diminishing believability of the RHONJ, there is a meeting of the JerseyJuniorLeague held at DullDina’s house.  While the unspoken question on everyone’s mind is “Where’s Tommy?,” the Housewives banter about nothingness in the very … Continue reading

SH WITTY WEEKEND!! Caption This…

“SHERRY” will receive one crying-on-cue-with-no-tears-for-a-phony-reality-show lesson from Tamballs!!  FinePrint: Winner must contact Tamballs at your own risk to receive prize! 


RHONJ Preview: TreeJoodice In Prayer Mode